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Our Advanced Surgical Technology

Computer Guided Surgical Simulation

When planning a surgical procedure that is likely to be especially complex or difficult (including jaw correction, reconstructive transformations, or tumor resection, among others), ensuring the highest level of accuracy possible is critical. With computer guided simulations, our team can fully map relevant anatomical features and important structures for each unique patient, fabricate a detailed guide, and then complete the surgical procedure on our computer system to ensure that our information is accurate and poised for success.

SIMPLANT Guided Surgery

The surgical placement of dental implants requires great precision. At Armitage Oral Surgery, we utilize SIMPLANT software to exceed patient expectations. This program creates the patient’s anatomy in an informative 3D format and provides exact replicas of potential implant products that can be manipulated as we work through the planning stages. Once the procedure is finalized, a physical surgical guide is created that fits in the patient’s mouth and guides the placement of the implant as planned.

Dolphin & 3D Modeling for Maxillofacial Reconstructive Surgery

When a patient is seeking to recover from a traumatic maxillofacial injury or a severe defect, intricate preparations are necessary to ensure that their reconstructive care is more than adequate here at our Chicago, IL location. Dolphin imaging software is essential in creating a comprehensive 3D model that accurately represents the current state of the jaw and facial structures. By completing the patient’s care efficiently and accurately in a virtual environment with the guidance of these helpful tools, our doctors can then move into actual surgery with confidence.

Teeth in a Day

Patients who seek to regain strong, functional teeth on an accelerated timeframe may want to choose Teeth in a Day. This is currently the most effective method available for rebuilding a complete arch of dental structure. The advanced system involves our doctors placing four state-of-the-art implant fixtures into strategic positions within the jawbone where tissue density is the highest. This allows the prosthetic to then be attached on top in a well-supported fashion. Better yet, no supplemental procedures (such as bone grafting) are required.

Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics

While many patients are eager to undergo orthodontic care that will create a straighter, healthier smile, they’re less enthusiastic about the prospect of a multi-year process. Accelerated Osteogenic orthodontics is a state-of-the-art alternative that can increase tooth movement drastically, combining proven techniques in both orthodontics and oral surgery.

Our Chicago team will make small incisions in the jawbone and remove inconsequential portions in order to soften the structure just enough to help teeth shift more quickly. The bone tissue will harden back to its original strength less than two months after the procedure, and the patient’s treatment is likely shortened by up to eight months as a result.


Oral surgery is a significant commitment that typically involves a lengthy healing process, and our team would like to help accelerate this improvement however we can. That’s why we utilize PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin), PRGF (Plasma Rich Growth Factor), and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) on a routine basis. These substances are produced from the patient’s own blood as regenerative material, and their inclusion will help the body repair itself as a quicker rate while also likely decreasing common post-operative symptoms like swelling and discomfort. 

i-CAT Imaging System

We’re committed to the highest quality of care possible here at Armitage Oral Surgery, and our in-office i-CAT imaging system is invaluable in our pursuit of that goal. This technology captures highly detailed 2D and 3D images of patients’ smiles and related oral structures in seconds, and the images are viewable by our doctors after just mere minutes. These images can be shared with patients for a clearer discussion and understanding of their proposed treatment plan. They also benefit the treatment planning process, allowing for greater predictability and detail in our approach.


With PiezoSurgery, performing important procedures like bone surgery, sinus lifts, and accelerated orthodontics has never been simpler. This revolutionary method utilizes ultrasonic cutting power to alter bone tissue while minimizing any negative affects regarding the surrounding vulnerable soft tissue, blood vessels, and nerves, making the procedure much safer. The reduction of heat also helps to prevent the necrosis of bone, which is a possibility with traditional drill methods.

Advanced Anesthesia Equipment

Keeping patients fully comfortable and at ease throughout their surgery is one of our team’s top priorities here in the Chicago area. That’s why we’ve invested in the latest tools and techniques regarding anesthesia, and our team members are also highly trained in how to administer and monitor it. Our doctors will always review how you’re likely to feel both during and after the operation so that there are no surprises, as well as any other concerns you have about your procedure.

NOMAD Radiology System

This revolutionary hand-held tool is the most advanced intraoral dental X-ray machine on the market today! The NOMAD system allows our team members to stay with patients as X-rays are captured and move from room to room as necessary, speeding up the process and reducing the possibility of retakes by up to 50%. This also minimizes the amount of potentially harmful radiation the patient is exposed to, making them safer.

Advanced IT Network

When you’re referred to our practice through your general dentist, the prospect of keeping everyone organized and well-informed of your treatment process may seem challenging. Thankfully, this isn’t the case at Armitage Oral Surgery. We use an advanced IT network to provide simple, seamless communication between our office and you (the patient), as well as between our office and the referring office. 

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