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Oral Surgical Solutions for Chicago

Oral Surgery in ChicagoHere in Chicago, IL, Dr. Firas Katabi understands that pursuing oral surgery through your referring doctor or even on your own can be an intimidating experience. Our team is dedicated to helping dissipate any negative emotions, replacing them with a strong sense of trust and positive anticipation for your future results. Whether you’re grappling with a facial defect, in need of tooth extraction, or rebuilding your life after suffering a significant injury, we can’t wait to improve the quality of your wellbeing and create results that exceed your expectations. Our practice is open to patients from Berwyn, IL and surrounding areas.

Surgical Extractions

Surgical Extractions ChicagoWhile maintaining whole, natural, and healthy teeth is considered ideal, there are circumstances where extraction becomes necessary to preserve both the rest of the patient’s smile and their overall wellbeing. Dr. Katabi welcomes extraction referrals from general dentists all over the Chicago, IL area, and he has the advanced surgical training to handle even the most complex cases while keeping you comfortable and at ease. The reasons behind the need for extraction can include the following:

Dr. Katabi utilizes anesthesia and sedation methods to ensure a comfortable extraction process for patients, as well as the latest in diagnostic technology and treatment tools.

Reconstructive Surgery

Chicago Oral SurgeryOnly a few people will require reconstructive care over the course of their lives, and our team is grateful for that. Physical defects in the head and neck region can lead to disability, damaged self-esteem, depression, and a dramatically decreased quality of life, among other lasting consequences. Thankfully, Dr. Katabi has the training, experience, and compassion needed to help patients regain the function and aesthetic appearance that once seemed lost forever. Many patients are eligible for reconstructive surgery at Armitage Oral Surgery, including:

Every reconstructive case is different. Consultations with Dr. Katabi will help our team devise the ideal plan of action that’s personalized to fit your unique needs and goals for treatment. Unlike corrective jaw surgery, which can include the alteration of existing jaw structure, reconstructive surgery is primarily focused on the replacement of necessary hard and soft tissues that are missing or have been lost. Our goal is to help patients regain the proper function they need to thrive in their everyday lives, as well as a much-improved appearance that allows their self-confidence to return.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective Jaw Surgery ChicagoCorrective jaw surgery becomes necessary when a patient’s jaws don’t grow correctly or no longer fit with the natural teeth in a way that promotes healthy function. These issues may exist as birth defects or may develop later on in life due to genetic or environmental circumstances. Dr. Katabi will work with your general dentist and orthodontist in order to devise the ideal treatment plan for patients from Cicero, IL and surrounding areas, and a comprehensive evaluation with sophisticated diagnostic technology at Armitage Oral Surgery will reveal the truth behind your condition, as well as the scope of necessary treatment.

Corrective jaw surgery may be used to improve the following symptoms:

Facial Trauma Repair

Facial Trauma Repair in ChicagoDr. Katabi understands very well how facial trauma can take an incredible physical and emotional toll on a patient’s wellbeing. That’s why we take a compassionate, hands-on approach to these cases, crafting personalized treatment plans that are focused on creating positive effects for the patient’s long-term function and appearance. “Facial trauma” can be categorized as any injury to the mouth, face, lower jaw, upper jaw, palate, cheekbones, or eye sockets, as well as any combination of these areas. An in-depth consultation and evaluation will help us determine your unique needs, and recommended services may include soft tissue suturing, fracture stabilization, tooth extraction, tooth replantation, and more.

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