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Why is Wisdom Teeth Removal in Chicago So Important?

September 4, 2018

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Man smiling in dentist's chair.No one likes surgery. Even when you’re sedated and it’s painless, surgery can be inconvenient and exhausting. However, wisdom teeth removal is a necessary procedure most people go through between the ages of 17 and 25. Whether you or your loved ones have received wisdom teeth removal in Chicago, you’ve probably wondered why it’s so important to get them taken out. Keep reading to learn why it’s vital to your oral health and overall comfort to get your wisdom teeth removed.

Why Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Through the course of your life, your mouth goes through changes. One of the biggest dental milestones is getting your wisdom teeth in. These are your third molars that appear in the far back of the mouth. They are called wisdom teeth because they typically grow at a more mature age. Most people do not have enough space in their jaw for wisdom teeth to function properly, so they become impacted. This means a wisdom tooth is blocked or stuck in a bad position due to lack of space.

These teeth are often removed because they don’t fully erupt from the gums. A partially erupted wisdom tooth can lead to dental issues like bacterial infection. If your wisdom teeth do not break through the gums at all, cysts can develop which damages gum and bone tissue.

Another common reason they are removed is that the teeth can grow in crooked. Misaligned wisdom teeth can permanently damage the teeth around them and throw off your jaw alignment if not removed.

What is the Removal Procedure Like?

Your dentist will offer soothing anesthesia and sedation to make your wisdom teeth removal as relaxing and painless as possible. Just make sure you have someone to drive you home because you won’t be able to operate a vehicle after surgery. Oral surgeons are typically much more experienced than a general dentist because wisdom teeth removal is one of their specialties. They will use their knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to make sure your experience is comfortable.

You will need a few days for recovery but after that, you should be able to resume all your normal activities. Wisdom teeth removal can be done in a single visit, making it super convenient for you, and you’ll typically come back for a follow-up appointment to make sure everything has healed correctly and that you’re doing well.

We know getting teeth removed isn’t part of your ideal day, but this procedure can save you discomfort, misalignment, and potential infection down the road. The sooner you talk to your local oral surgeon or dentist about wisdom teeth removal, the smaller your chances are of developing any of the issues we discussed above.

About the Practice

Dr. Firas F. Katabi and Dr. Emily Smythe are oral surgeons who love providing personalized care for their patients. They know that surgeries can seem intimidating, which is why they’ve specialized in oral surgery to make procedures like wisdom teeth removal as easy and relaxing as they can for their patients. They currently practice at Armitage Oral Surgery, where they can be contacted through their website or by phone at (773) 486-2220 for any questions.

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